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StabbyQuest PATRONS

We greatly appreciate our incredible Patrons, and celebrate them by engraving their names into this digital monument. With each new Patron we shall update this list of the stabbiest stabbies. An enormous THANK YOU to all of our Patrons, from all of us.

  • Ian R
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StabbyQuest on Social Media!

What do you like? What made you laugh? What made you sneeze?

Okay, okay… who’s your favorite character? :P

Come say hi!

Taat, the (say it with me now) handsome Half-Elf Shaman, is played by Justin Emerson.

When he's not talking too much on StabbyQuest, Justin is working on 3D environment art and endlessly recording freestyle singing jams in his car, far from judgement. Perhaps the world just isn't ready for all of his eclectic musical jelly.

You can check out what he's up to on Twitter and Instagram @JUTTMFD

"yeah...we're gonna go with this..."

Kallis the Dwarf Paladin is played by Brandon Marion.

Brandon's a former percussionist, former video game tester, and former human that is currently a digital artist and co-producer of "StabbyQuest." He operates solely on coffee beans and vividly recalls the first time seeing a visual interpretation of the apocalypse (Chrono Trigger - 1995 on SNES). It has stuck with him ever since. The beard upon his face is brutally gorgeous, and instantaneously causes violent weeping once seen by mortals who are not steadfast in their resolve.

Brandon can be found at

Sarowyn the Elf Rogue is played by Sarah North.

Sarah is new to the Pathfinder world but loving the journey so far. When she isn’t having bizarre adventures with her fellow podcasters, you’ll be sure to find her at a random concert, on a plane heading to who the heck knows where, or just chillaxing at home drinking wine (most likely from a box). You might hear the faint sound of her furry friends from time to time in episodes as well! Also, Sarah has a mild obsession with pickles.

If you start developing a mild obsession for Sarowyn (lookin’ at you, Taat), she can be found on Instagram

Pubby the Elf Sorcerer is played by Tchad Rogers.

Tchad likes to think of himself as an evil genius, though he's neither evil, nor genius. He's been 'making' things since long before the recent (awesome and exciting!) 'maker revolution', and enjoys hacking hardware and software. His hobby projects have included Overland Blast {}, Pint Track {}, and Pine Creek Carving {}.

Tchad is a unrepentant recluse and prefers not to be found, but Pubby can be found on IG at

Tartarus the Human Fighter is played by Connor Kearn.

Connor is NO stranger to video games, but hadn’t previously sat around the Pen & Paper RPG table before StabbyQuest. When not being Golarion’s most stylish murderhobo, Connor can be found pumping iron, in preparation for roleplaying Golarion’s most stylish murderhobo.

To find Tartarus on social media, head to

The StabbyQuest crew is happy to announce our official release!

Episode One: “The Deadly Mine” can be found on the iTunes Store, Apple Podcast app, Overcast FM, and (when we are approved) the Google Play Store.

If you don’t dig on those, here’s the direct RSS:

Check out the show, and if you like it, leave us a review! As our resident Paladin, Kallis, has stated: “We’ll love you forever if you do.” He has to be telling the truth; he’s Lawful Good!

An enormous Thank You! to the StabbyQuest crew, and to all of the pre-release support we have received from the community. It’s amazing. You’re amazing.

Pubby, our Elf Sorcerer and final party member, is played by @stabbyquestpubby!

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Not lost, he's sure of that! He's a little less sure of his other party members, though...

Pubby, Elf Sorcerer, revealed!

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Taat, our Half-Elf Shaman, is played by @juttmfd !

Who else will join him in this #StabbyQuest?

Stay tuned to find out!